10 Twenty 10 at Claire Oliver

Bullet Shih Aug, 2012 0
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Beth Cavener Stichter at Claire Oliver

Beth Cavener Stichter

The summer group show 10 Twenty 10 at Claire Oliver is a celebration referring to twenty years in business and ten years in New York. Originally set up in Florida in 1993, Claire Oliver moved to Philly in 1997 before finally setting in New York in 2001. The summer show displayed the excellent quality and breadth of her stable of artists that she has amassed over the years. Philadephia based artist Judith Schaechter is one of my favorite contemporary artists as her often macabre subject matter brilliantly executed in stained glass is truly unique. Beth Cavener Stichter also uses the traditional material of ceramics to create her large sculptures of a hare and a wolf with a hare that command attention in the gallery space. More modern materials are also represented with Andrew Erdos’s sculptures of glass, plexi, and LED lights, while Norbert Brunner uses the same materials with the addition of Swarovski crystals.

10 Twenty 10 2012 May 5 – July 7 at Claire Oliver

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