Al Taylor at David Zwirner

Bullet Shih Sep, 2012 0
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Al Taylor at David ZwirnerAl Taylor’s  Pass the Peas and Can Studys at David Zwirner represent a dada and art povera approach to geometry and mathematics.   His minimalist loops spirals, and rays are made out of common household materials such as empty cans, hoola hoops, wire, garden hose, and pencil.  Taylor was born in Springfield Missouri and worked in New York City until his death in 1999.  This is his third exhibition at David Zwirner.  His Pass the Peas works were done in 1991-92 focusing on loops and spirals while his Can Studys were done the following year in 1993 and were an exploration into the corrugated ridges found in common tin cans.  Talyor was originally a painter but started working with common discarded objects after a trip to Africa in 1980.  There he was fascinated with the way that the Africans could make toys and tools out of household trash.

Al Talyor Pass the Peas and Can Studys  2012 September 6 – October 27 at David Zwirner

Photos: Sujin Lee

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