Andro Wekua at Gladstone Gallery

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Andro Wekua at Gladstone GalleryThe Gladstone Gallery presents a complete show by Andro Wakua titled Dreaming Dreaming.  Wakua  who is currently based in Zurich, was born in Sochumi, Georgia which is a coastal city in the center of the Abkhazia region which was steeped in conflict during the Georgian-Abkhaz war from 1992–1993Wakua’s exhibitions have traditionally contained multiple media forms which often use collage in which images are ripped from their original state and and placed in a new environment.  The new works while referencing a past life also appear to contain colorful dreamlike memories and the reality of the present.

The press release for Dreaming Dreaming states,

 “Dreaming Dreaming” will present a series of new painting, sculpture, and collage, as well as Wekua’s most recent film, Never Sleep with a Strawberry in Your Mouth II. The paintings included in the exhibition mark a notable break from Wekua’s earlier work, revealing a more uniformly abstract approach to imagery. A number of these recent compositions comprise a nearly monochromatic palette, containing only glimpses of the figurative elements and collage techniques characteristic of his earlier work. Using fully saturated colors to achieve moody, immersive environments and richly layered landscapes, Wekua moves between the sincerity of self-reflection and the synthetic imagery of pop culture.  

Andro Wakua Dreaming Dreaming  2012 September 21 – October 20 at Gladstone Gallery

Photo: Sujin Lee




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