Art Basel Miami 2012: Thinking Inside the Box

Bullet Shih Dec, 2012 1
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Jiro Takamatsu at McCaffrey Fine Art Art Basel Miami 2012

Jiro Takamatsu at McCaffrey Fine Art

As I wrote in the earlier review of Art Basel Miami Beach 2012, one of the major themes of the fair was that works based on squares or rectangles were exceedingly plentiful. It didn’t matter whether the galleries or artists were North American, South American, European, or Asian, quadrilaterals ruled the day. I am not sure whether this was to appeal to Swiss minimalist tastes, Russian oligarchs high regard for early 20th century Constructivists, or merely the close to 90 degree heat outside. Works by Judd and Albers carried the day and were probably the reason that many described the fair as “safe”, “staid”, or “boring”. There may have been a few Rymans in the fair, however I did not see them as they would have been perfectly camouflaged amid the boxed booths and the boxy art. If 2012 was the year of the spot due to Gagosian’s global saturation of Damien Hirst’s Spot Paintings, 2013 will certainly be the year of the rectangle.

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