Ben McLaughlin and Karl Francke at Heskin Contemporary

Bullet Shih Aug, 2012 0
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Karl Francke at Heskin Contemporary

Karl Francke

The two person show of realist painters Ben McLaughlin and Karl Francke at Heskin Contemporary provide the contrast of the personal with the impersonal. Brooklyn based artist Karl Francke produces technically superb and engaging portraits. The results are both inimate and engaging.
British painter Ben McLaughlin on the other hand produces small scale works that are meant to show “human alienation” with their depictions of empty impersonal spaces as well as indistinguishable human figures. The results are somewhat uncomfortable spaces similar to those of Edward Hopper or Danish artist Wilhelm Hammershøi. Clustered in small groups, one could easily imagine them as part of a storyboard for a Hitchcock thriller occurring at an indeterminate time in an indeterminate place.

Ben McLaughlin Recent Paintings and Karl Francke New Portraits 2012 May 31 – June 30 at Heskin Contemporary

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