James Case-Leal at MagnanMetz

Bullet Shih Jul, 2012 0
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Jame Case-Leal at MagnanMetzJames Case-Leal’s Generative Lexicon presents an interesting installation consisting of what appear to be oil derricks, a central chamber with an inkwell, and copper plates of figures. While I assumed the exhibition to be generally about the human experience and the introduction of language and self-expression, Case-Leal appears to be aiming for something a little more esoteric.  The press release states,

The artist’s performance, visible only through pirated television transmission, enacts the cognitive process of manifesting words from abstraction. The walls are tiled with ceramic plaques which are either empty white shells or filled with loose, abstract drawings, and assemblage.

The outer chamber, the location of sensation and transmission, is here the location of a literal transmission, a pirate television broadcast of the artist performance beaming out into the local neighborhood and receivable only by analog television sets. Sculptural towers grow in crystalline formations from the gallery floors and walls. Book sculptures and magazine scrolls fill the gallery against the backdrop of video projections depicting thousands of people ascending from the New York skyline, paralleling the artist’s continued themes of transmission.

So adjust the rabbit ears on your old black and white television and tune in and everything will suddenly become clear.

James Case-Leal Generative Lexicon 2012 June 7 – July 20 at MagnanMetz


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