Jaye Moon at Newman Popiashvili

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While many of the galleries in Chelsea are still in recovery mode, as part of our series of presenting exhibitions in Chelsea galleries before they were ravaged by Hurricaine Sandy here is Jaye Moon’s Breaking  the Code at Newman Popiashvili.  Due to the gallery existing in a basement space it was severely flooded as these pictures by CNN  document.

Brooklyn based Korean artist Moon’s works are subversive in nature referencing works by contemporary art superstars such as On Kawara, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst.  Having learned Braille, Moon play with the concept of “visual” arts by applying Braille schematics to the afore mentioned artists’ works often with somewhat devious results.  The press release states,

Moon’s interest in patterns and numbers as a means of conveying a message can be seen in her adaptation of Damien Hirst’s spot paintings. She takes the concept of Braille, intended for the tactile sense, and asks us to experience it visually, creating a pattern. She uses Braille dots to manipulate Hirst’s spot paintings. By removing certain dots in his work, she composed a Braille sentence which reads, “Damien Hirst Spot Paintings Suck”, while at the same time keeping the original colors, maintaining the recognizable quality of the image...

This experimentation with numbers can be seen clearly in her piece where she sets two identical battery-powered clocks next to each other, referencing Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ piece“Untitled (Perfect Lovers).” Moon transforms his traditional representation of time into an abstract form by removing the actual hours of the clock and replacing them with the words “Perfect Lovers” written in English Braille number codes. Although the numbers on the clock now represent “Perfect Lovers” instead of actual time the clocks still operate as functional clocks correctly synchronized with each other.

Jaye Moon’s Breaking  the Code 2012 October 11 – at Newman Popiashvili

Photos: Sujin Lee

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