Keun Young Park at Accola Griefen

Bullet Shih Feb, 2013 0
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Keun Young Park at Accola GriefenKorean artist Keun Young Park’s exhibition In Between at Accola Griefen features a series of reconstituted photos of herself.  Park painstakingly rips apart her photographic self portraits and glues them onto a blank piece of paper.  The result is a paper on paper mosaic with a grout of nothingness.  Park plays with the elements of creation and destruction and well as the concept of empty or “in between” space.  It is believed that with recent advances in nanotechnology, there are new nanoparticles so small that if one were place one of them to the tip one’s finger, it would immediately fall to the floor through the empty spaces between the human cells.  As Park points out, this brings into question the wholeness of the human form.

Keun Young Park In Between 2013 January 17 – February 23 at Accola Griefen


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