Kwang Young Chun at Hasted Kraeutler

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Kwang Young Chun at Hasted KraeutlerKorean born Kwang Young Chun presents his sublime Aggregation works made out of little triangles wrapped in Korean mulberry paper at Hasted Kraeutler.  The works are deceptive as they appear to have very earthy mineral like qualities which belie their organic make up.  Kwang Young Chun estimates that each work contains 4000-6000 individual triangular pieces which he describes,

To me, the triangle pieces wrapped in mulberry paper are the basic units of information, the basic cells of life that only exists in art, as well as independently expressive social events or historical facts. By attaching these pieces one by one to a two dimensional surface, I wanted to express how the basic units of information can create harmony and conflict with each other. This became an important milestone in my long artistic journey that desired to express the troubles of the modern man who is driven to a devastated life by materialism, endless competition, conflicts and destruction. After almost twenty years, I was now able to communicate with my own gesture and words.

Chun who spent his youth in New York claims to have been strongly influenced by abstract expressionism with its violence and anti academic attitude appealing to him.  However, as he matured, he found abstract expressionism out of tune with his inner sense of culture and harmony.  In Korea in the mid 90s while he was sick with the flu, he had his eureka moment while examing some pills through a thin paper package and came upon the idea of creating new works out of small paper triangles which he felt connected him to his past as well as Korean culture.  He has been busy aggregating now for almost two decades.

Kwang Young Chun 2012 September 6 – October 20 at Hasted Kraeutler

Photo: Sujin Lee

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