Leonardo Drew at Sikkema Jenkins

Bullet Shih Sep, 2012 0
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Leonardo Drew at Sikkema JenkinsLeonardo Drew presents his massive site specific pieces that wend their way therough Sikkema Jenkins.  Drew’s flat black sculpture Number 161 made from charred wood walks the line between destruction  and construction, appearing to be both the result of a burnt out structure after a raging wildfire or a post apocalypse rebuilding.   Drew’s sculptural installations could easily pass as three dimensional renderings of Anselm Kiefer’s monumental paintings with their charcoal black, burnt umbers, and ochres.  They could also be seen in a more organic light akin to the protective shells of stones and twigs produced by caddis fly larvae.

This is Drew’s fourth exhibition with Sikkema Jenkins since moving from Mary Boone.

Leonardo Drew 2012 September 6 – October 12 at Sikkema Jenkins

Photos: Sujin Lee


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