Mi Ju at Freight and Volume

Bullet Shih Oct, 2012 0
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Mi Ju at Freight and VolumeNew York based Korean artist Mi Ju’s exhibition of eye popping paintings and fabric sculptures at Freight and Volume present the viewer with a burst of color so intense it could be the aftermath of an explosion in a candy store.  Looking like a hybrid of one of Murakami’s superflat paintings that has been bred with cute little Gizmo from Gremlins and is currently undergoing a rabid rapid growth process, Mi Ju’s creatures exist halfway between dream and nightmare.  Inspired by the colors of her childhood in South Korea where her father ran a textile factory and her mother was a florist in a Buddhist temple Ju also conveys an interest in organic growth and the origins of the earth, hence the title of the show, Gaia.  In her press release she states,

I perceive nature as flat, crowded, and infinite. Often times, the world is too large to comprehend, too crowded to find a focus. Countless living organisms are packed layer by layer, interconnected with each other. My compositions develop from the contemplation of opposing concepts: ephemeral and eternal, uncensored and restrained, improvised and strategic. The work often combines both cuteness and violence. By understanding natural elements from micro to macro, fractals to flocks, and ants to people, I reflect mixed perceptions of nature through my work. Nature could be seen as controllable, appealing, and delightful, yet from a different perspective, natural elements can become overwhelming and destructive.

Mi Ju Gaia 2012 September 27 – November 3 at Freight and Volume

Photos: Sujin Lee


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