Michal Rovner at Pace

Bullet Shih Nov, 2012 0
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Michal Rovner at PaceIsraeli artist Michal Rovner presents her mesmerizing video works in her exhibition Topography at Pace.  Often projecting streams of what appear to be wandering nomads onto rocks, Rovner plays with both organic and inorganic elements to create images that appear as primordial ooze or microscopic views of DNA.  These large scale video projections with their human elements streaming like lines of ants play with scale as the depicted universes can be interpreted either from a micro perspective or that of a macro or cosmic perspective.  The individual human forms lose their individuality and are in many ways reduced to tiny flagellates in a petri dish whose only purpose is to exist and keep on moving.


Michal Rovner Topography 2012 November 8 – December 22 at Pace

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