Mr. at Lehmann Maupin

Bullet Shih Oct, 2012 1
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Mr. at Lehmann MaupinLehmann Maupin presents the massive installation/exhibition of Japanese artist Mr. in an exhibition that seems to include eveything including the kitchen sink.  While Mr. can be seen as a parallel to Swiss based artist Thomas Hirschhorn, especially as their jumbled object laden installations seem to flaunt the Japanese and Swiss stereotypes of order and an austere minimalism, they diverge in their message.  Hirschorn’s work presents a more universal comment on society which he finds in many ways to be gluttonous and wasteful while Mr.’s work specifically references Japanese culture.  His work expresses a reluctant displacement, a loss of cultural heritage, and an emergent post apocalyptic youth.  This can be seen as an exhibition of manga and anime is mounted around the elephant of detritus in the middle of the gallery.  These youthful manga superheroes fly in from the sky to fight the incredible forces of evil that plague the Japanese people.

Mr. Metamorphosis: Give Me Your Wings at Lehmann Maupin

Photos: Sujin Lee

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