Regine Schumann at de Buck Gallery

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Regine Schumann at de Buck GalleryGerman based artist Regine Schumann presents her minimalist acrylic flourescent artworks at de Buck Gallery.  Citing both Donald Judd and Dan Flavin as strong influences, her works can be seen as an almost literal merging of the two artists.  Judd’s box structures often in idenitcal serial forms combine with Falvin’s use of flourescent lighting to create Schumann’s works.  Schumann states,

I work with fluorescent synthetic material – acrylic glass, Plastilight strings and fluorescent and luminescent pigments on paper or metal. I process these materials into transparent “fields of color,” luminescent hand-woven wall hangings or monochrome wall and spatial sculptures.

When subjected to the influence of black light, daylight, or even without any light on them at all, the work’s character undergoes a transformation, lending whichever space or room they are in a new, secretive, atmospheric light. It creates a spatial experience produced by the visible light, by an illumination within, through the apparent melting away of the space’s material, physical presence. Stimulated by the black light, which the eye cannot see, the works’ surfaces give out intensively glowing colors, which evoke a paradoxical yet chromatic aura.

The colored lights produce ambivalent, intermediate states, reflecting quasi-sculptural qualities. Also as a result of the black light, the luminous objects undergo a chameleon-like metamorphosis, transforming themselves into radiant bodies of light and bathing the entire space’s atmosphere in an entirely new hue.

Regine Schumann 2012 Septemeber 13 – October 25 at de Buck Gallery

Photos: Sujin Lee


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