Sarah Oppenheimer at PPOW

Bullet Shih Oct, 2012 0
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Sarah Oppenheimer at PPOWSarah Oppenheimer who is a professor at Yale School of Art has focused on creating works that are considered “architectural interventions” using holes, mirrors, and parallel rooms, she causes the viewer to become disoriented and challenges their preconceived concept of space.  The result is an apparent sculpture with impossible dimensions and negative space.  Her installation D-33 at PPOW is her latest work demonstrating that what James Turrell is to light, Oppenheimer is to space by creating sculptural works out of visually observed architectural space presented out of context.  The press release states,

D-33 is an architectural catalyst. Intersecting apertures disrupt the corners of six discrete rooms. Light, sight and motion flow across previously enclosed boundaries. Visual distance is collapsed while the physical distance traversed by the viewer is extended. Abbreviated sightlines create visual and mnemonic shortcuts between the cluster of rooms. As such, the work operates on the level of a digital interface; composite spaces are shared between users in real time.

D-33 is a doubled hole. Discrete temperatures of warm and cool white light illuminate each of the six rooms. Light diffuses along each wall surface, then refracts on a large-scale sloped glass plane, contaminating the light temperature in each zone. The light absorbent aluminum surface of D-33 counteracts this contamination. Cleaved by the inserted apertures into discrete color-zones, light functions as a marker of spatial difference.


Sarah Oppenheimer D33 2012 September 6 – October 13 at PPOW

Photos: Sujin Lee




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