Sculpted Matter at Paul Kasmin

Bullet Shih Jul, 2012 0
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Tara Donovan at Paul Kasmin

Tara Donovan

The group exhibition of sculptures at Paul Kasmin presents an interesting mix of art dealing with light, repetition, and manipulation.  While Dan Flavin’s single flourescent bulb is easily recognizable, Keith Sonnier’s neon adorned bivalves bridge the gap with Jill Magid’s red neon words on the floor.   The always engaging Tom Friedman has created a simple circle of painted styrofoam cups and Will Ryman has used hundreds of paintbrushes to create a more detailed topographic landscape.  Tara Donovan has worked with mylar to create a structure which appears to have been made out of thousands of foiled cupcake holders to resemble an otherwordly giant silver microbe that looks like a blown up bacterium from a Jeff Koon’s balloon dog.

Sculpted Matter 2012 June 21 – August 17 at Paul Kasmin

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