Seeing Spots: Damien Hirst Complete Spot Paintings to Open at 11 Gagosian Locations Today

Bullet Shih Jan, 2012 0
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Damien Hirst’s Complete Spot Paintings 1986-2011 opens today at 11 different Gagosian locations worldwide.   Hirst is known for his shrewd business like approach to the art world as well as his penchant for extravagance.  He reportedly has a personal net worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars and his work For the Love of God created in 2007 consisted of a platinum cast skull encrusted with 8,601 flawless diamonds worth £14 million.  So it seems fitting that the Gagosian Gallery is offering a limited edition spot painting to any individual that can prove that they have visited all eleven locations.  With galleries in Hong Kong, Athens, London, New York, and LA among others, any challenger aside for having a love for Hirst, must have plenty of free time as well as cash for airfare.

Art Log Magazine has an excellent article titled Eleven Facts About the Notorious Spot Paintings which states that the Gagosian exhibition will include over 300 of the estimated 1400 Hirst has “produced” since 1996.  Of these 1400, Hirst has only painted 5 himself which is probably one of the reasons that artist David Hockney created a bit of a flap by calling out Hirst on the production techniques a few weeks ago.

Damien Hirst’s Complete Spot Paintings 1986-2011 2012 January 12 – February 18 at Gagosian

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