Althea Wynne 10/6/1936 – 1/24/2112

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Althea Wynne HorsesAlthea Wynne, a fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors died in a car accident on her way home from a visit to her foundry to check on a recent commission.   Wynne is known primarily for her three large horse sculptures at Minster Court in London.  Wynne was deeply influenced by classic sculpture and found beauty in animal and human forms.  On her website she writes,

Certainly i am influenced by the classical tradition, as are most trained artists. I am particularly fond of the Etruscans who, though comparatively crude in their modelling have a simple directness and a real sense of happiness about their work.
Some of my pieces are based on traditional stories such as Adam and Eve or Leda and the Swan, The Creation or The Flood, otherwise they are female figures, birds or animals with a figurative treatment, often lifesize or larger.

Althea Wynne obituary in The Telegraph

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