George Wyllie 12/31/1921 – 5/15/2012

Bullet Shih May, 2012 0
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George Wyllie the Scottish sculptor known for his tongue in cheek works out of unexpected materials recently passed away after a short illness at age 90.  Wyllie was born in Glasgow and the river Clyde was a strong influence in this work.  In 1987, he created a lifesize straw locomotive that was later suspended by a crane over the Clyde and burned in the fashion of a viking funeral to signify the death of industrial activity in Glasgow.  Two years later he created his most acclaimed work, the Paper Boat which was an 80 foot boat that was sailed from Glasgow across the Atlantic to New York and back again.  During the Cold War, he produced a shortbread satellite.  He considered himself a “scul?tor” because the question mark was too important to be left to the end.  Only last week he finally received public recognition for his art as he was honoured by the Year of Creative Scotland 2012 with a Little Paper Boats Project which is scheduled for his birthday on December 31, 2012 when school children will release thousands of little paper boats onto the Clyde.

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