Hiroki Oda 4/19/1914 – 5/30/2012

Bullet Shih Jun, 2012 0
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Hiroki Oda a Japanese artist known for his early adoption of Western painting techniques recently passed away at age 98 from  heart failure.  Oda was born in the village of Senju in 1914.  As a young man he enrolled in the Japan School of Art, graduating from their Western Painting Department in 1939.  In 1960 he moved to France and was active in the artistic community while maintaining his ties to Japan with frequent trips back to the homeland.
Oda’s life works have been preserved in the unique  Hiroki Oda Museum in Gamo-gun, Shiga, Japan.  The gallery was designed by Japanese Architect Tadao Ando specifically to provide the artist with a natural daylight environment within which to work. Natural light is obtained through the roof, the glass walls, and is reflected off the shallow pool in front of the building.  The museum has no artificial lighting and closes at sunset and on cloudy days. Reproductions of Oda’s works can be found in the book Sanka (讃歌) Sun Art, 1992 by famous Japanese photographer Tadahiko Hayashi.

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