Koizumi Junsaku 1924-1/9/2012

Bullet Shih Jan, 2012 0
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Koizumi Junsaku was a Japanese artist who produced ceramics and paintings of landscapes and flowers.  He is best known for his stunning ink paintings of dragons which decorate the ceilings of two of Japan’s oldest and most revered Zen temples, the Kennin-ji temple in Kyoto and the Kenchō-ji temple in Kamakura.  His painting in the Kennin-ji temple was presented in 2002 to commemorate its 800th anniversary.  It was painted on paper and took two years to complete.  He studied under Kyujin Yamamoto (1900-1986) while attending Tokyo School of Fine Arts and recently in 2010 he presented 40 paper screens at Todaiji in the city of Nara which is a complex of temples which includes the Great Buddha Hall, the largest wooden building in the world and a World Heritage site.  Koizumi died from complications with pneumonia just short of the year of the dragon.





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