Michaël Borremans: A Knife in the Eye

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Title: Michaël Borremans: A Knife in the Eye
Artist: Michaël Borremans
Date: 2009
Genre: Documentary
Category: A-List Artist
Language: Dutch (English subtitles)
Director: Guido De Bruyn
Time: 52:11 min

This is a straight forward documentary made for Belgian television about the contemporary artist Michaël Borremans.  His paintings are described as painterly, gloomy, and “mysterious”, however despite the title the documentary is really about the simple life of a successful artist from a small town in Belgium.

Interesting tidbits: Borremans wears a suit while painting. He plays guitar in a band called The Singing Painters.  His hero is Velasquez.  His father was a photographer whom he credits for his interest in using photos for his paintings and for his interest in video.  His drawings are done over a longer period of time, while his paintings are done over a day or two.  He describes the painting process as,

“It is passionate, in a sense of intense moments of attraction, but just as well,  intense moments of hatred… Drawing, to me is more balance..it almost has a literary function to me like a diary”

Geek tidbits:  Borremans does not like to draw on new paper preferring found or used or stained surfaces.  He does not like to paint on white grounds preferring to use a ground color based on one of the painting’s hues.

English Subtitles available in video below, just click CC on lower right panel

Art Geek Factor: 7 out of 10 Stars
Artistic Accuracy: 8 out of 10 Stars
Overall Movie: 6.5 out of 10 Stars

Summary: This is a very straight forward documentary about Belgian Contemporary artist Michaël Borremans. It would mainly appeal to fans of Borremans, artists, and possibly dEUS fans. Although his art is seen by some as gloomy, mysterious, and a bit sinister, very few allusions to a darker past are revealed. His is a family man from a small town with a nice house, a nice wife, and friends who is enjoying a wave of commercial success. His father was a photographer, had a darkroom in the basement, and was a source of inspiration for him.

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