Mike Kelley 10/27/1954 – 1/31/2012

Bullet Shih Feb, 2012 0
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Mike Kelley, one of the artists who had become synonymous with the LA art scene recently passed away from an apparent suicide at age 57.  Artistically, Kelley was at the top of his game with a solo show at the Gagosian Gallery in London in 2011 as well as being selected for the 2012 Whitney Biennial in New York.  His recent work referenced Kandor, the capital of Krypton, Superman’s place of origin that was stolen and shrunken by The villain Brainiac, with miniature versions of this imperiled glass city.  Kelley was a true multimedia artist working with performance, video, and installation.  The Guardian writes,

In 2009 Kelley told Interview magazine: “I chose to become an artist because I wanted to be a failure. When I was young, if you wanted to really ostracize yourself from society, you became an artist.” He described himself as a “blue-collar anarchist”.

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