Czechs Bake Cakes for Jailed Street Artist Roman Tyc

Bullet Shih Mar, 2012 0
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roman has reported that jailed street artist Roman Tyc has received support from many Czechs who enjoyed his work and find his imprisonment extreme.  Tyc made waves during his project in 2007 where he dressed up as a city traffic light worker in Prague and exchanged 50 pedestrian crossing lights with his own stylized versions that  included figures urinating and defecating as well as walking the dog and laying down.  Tyc was caught and charged for the incident as he was ordered to pay for damages and a fine. Tyc was said to pay for the damages, however he refused to pay the fine and was imprisoned.  Since his imprisonment there has been an outpouring of public support as individuals across the country

have been decapitating streetlight pedestrians by placing black stickers over their heads. In this way they’re showing their support of an artist who many Czechs consider to be a harmless free spirit.

In another show of support for Tyc, citizens baked cakes and brought them to Prague’s Pankrak prison when he was taken there in late February. After his wife decided to bake a cake for the artist, local businessperson Petr Vidensky used Facebook to invite others to do the same. “It’s really disturbing that the Czech president decides to pardon real criminals and that an artist has to spend time in prison,” Vidensky told France 24. “How can someone who has won awards in Austria for his work be tried and jailed for that same work in his own country?” Due to security regulations, Tyc was not allowed to take the cakes into the prison. But a petition demanding his pardon has collected 6,000 signatures so far.

Video of Roman Tyc’s Streetlight metamorphoses


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