Kansans Declare Female Nipples “Destructive” to Children and Spark US-China Controversy

Bullet Shih Jun, 2012 0
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As part of an effort to build US Chinese relations, sculptor Kwan Wu a Chinese immigrant who has spent the past 20 years in the US created the China-U.S. Sculpture Park in Overland Park, Kansas.  His vision was,
1. To commemorate Chinese settlement in the US for the past 100 years.
2. To create a new arts park by coming Eastern and Western culture for international culture exchange, bringing people together and educating the generations to come.

Part of the first phase was to install 20-30 sculptures over the first three years. After installing a sculpture Accept or Reject by Chinese artist Yu Chang, a vocal group has decided to issue a strong “reject” on the basis that the exposed nipples on the headless woman will encourage deviant behavior.  While most Kansans appear to be generally ok with decapitation, it is the exposed nipples in the woodland setting that is both startling and offensive.  Local resident Joanne Hughes has organized local citizens to demand the prompt removal of this sculpture as they believe that the headless, gutless woman will encourage their children to take naked pictures of themselves and distribute them electronically.  The petition states,

The Overland Park City Council approved and installed an inappropriate sculpture in the Overland Park Arboretum. The sculpture (called “Choice” by Yu Chang) is of a headless naked woman with her breasts exposed, taking a picture of herself. The message this piece sends to the children and young adults in our community has the potential to be destructive. With all the problems we are having with sexting in our youth culture, do we really want to be encouraging children and teenagers to take nude photos of themselves? In addition, there is no warning of the sculpture’s offensive nature for parents, teachers, and adults wishing to avoid something like this.

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