Artful Dodger: LES Gallerist Kirsten Dodge Chases Down Art Thief

Bullet Shih Mar, 2012 0
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loading… is reporting that Rivington Street Dodge Gallery owner Kirsten Dodge was downstairs in her gallery discussing things with artist Ellen Harvey about her current exhibition when she heard the rip of velcro as someone was removing paintings from the exhibition walls upstairs.  Finding four empty spaces on the walls, she immediately ran outside and saw the perpetrator walking down the street with the four paintings under his arm.  She immediately shed her shoes and was in hot pursuit.  She chased the thief into a lumber yard where sensing his entrapment, he ditched the paintings and beat a hasty retreat.  The paintings were found by the lumber yard staff and returned to the gallery unharmed.

Ellen Harvey THE NUDIST MUSEUM GIFT SHOP 2012 February 23 – April 1 at DODGE Gallery

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