NY Installation Artist Awarded 1 Month Residency…in Rikers

Bullet Shih May, 2012 0
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Terrorist Activity

A mind mannered furniture designer and installation artist has been thrown in jail for thirty days pending a psychological evaluation after he was charged with reckless endangerment and planting a false bomb or hazardous substance.

The false bombs turned out to be the ubiquitous I ♥ NY shopping bags with a plastic box containing LED lights so that the bags lit up during the evenings.  The most alarming feature appeared to be the wire that emerged from the bags connecting the lights to a battery pack.  Miyakawa was said to have put the bags up to celebrate Design Week in the city where he was exhibiting his custom furniture.  It is believed that an anonymous passerby called the city help line 311 on Friday while walking her dog.  The call was forwarded to the bomb squad and Miyakawa was nabbed by police on top of a ladder at 2 AM early Saturday morning placing one of his bags on a lamp post in Williamsburg.

Many friends and artists are saddened and frustrated by Miyakawa’s incarceration.  Louis Lim a friend and assistant told the NYT and NY1 that Miyakawa merely intended for the I ♥ NY logo to be lit up,

He wanted to promote a positive message…He wasn’t trying to scare anyone…Whether you find it attractive or not, or beautiful or ugly as an artwork, certainly I think that everyone can agree when they see it that it is not a bomb.


Anyone who finds this ridiculous is encouraged to sign the Free Takeshi Miyakawa petition.


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