Patricia Waller at Galerie Deschler Berlin

Bullet Shih Jul, 2012 0
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Patricia Waller at Galerie deschlerErnie and his rubber ducky find themselves adrift from Sesame Street and strung out on Skid Row. Chilean born Patricia Waller’s Fallen Heroes at deschler in Berlin provides a humorous look at cartoon characters who have lost their way. Her yarn sculptures depict good toons gone bad, or having been dealt a rough hand. Sponge Bob is charged up as a suicide bomber. Minnie Mouse lies face down after a botched abortion. Hello Kitty has committed hari kari.
While some may applaud the shift to the dark side of the perpetually youthful, squeaky, cheerful characters of our childhood, Waller offers a poignant look at disappointments and broken dreams that appear nearly impossible outcomes when looking at the smiling faces of broken adults captured on film as innocent children years earlier when bright futures seemed possible.
Patricia Waller’s Fallen Heroes 2012 April 20 – September 1 at Galerie deschler

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