Rubbish Art From the Top of the World

Bullet Shih Nov, 2012 0
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Everest 8848 Art ProjectImagine scaling Mount Everest only to find a garbage heap at its acme, empty oxygen tanks, tin cans, plastic wrappers, and even the remains of a helicopter crash.  Then imagine having to clean up this dreadful mess left by the intrepid adventurers.  The Telegraph has reported that it has taken two expeditions consisting of 65 porters and 75 yaks to bring down roughly 8 tons of detritus left by the roughly 4000 trekkers who have reached the 8848 meter summit.

As what appears to be a somewhat tongue in cheek tribute to these great explorers, the artists group Da Mind Tree and its art branch The Art Club Nepal – the Contemporary Nepali sculptors and artists group have taken this waste and used it to create artworks for their exhibition Everest 8848 Art Project.  15 Nepalese artists have spent a month upcycling the collected trash into 75 artworks which will travel to several different venues.  the Telegraph writes,

In one of the works, by painter and poet Sunita Rana, white shards of aluminium from drinks cans are fashioned into medals signifying the bravery of mountaineers, while black metal tent poles are transformed into a wind chime…In another, remains of a helicopter which crashed in 1974, while carrying food for Italian climbers, are incorporated into an idol of the Hindu God Ganesh. 

Teaser for Exhibition

Mt. Everest 8848 Art Project 1 – Teaser from Murtaza Shah on Vimeo.

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