Seeing Double! Copy of Mona Lisa said to be from Leonardo’s studio found in basement of Prado

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The Art Newspaper has reported an event that shakes the foundations of the art world. The Mona Lisa has an identical twin! Thought to be merely one of the many copies of the venerated painting, art conservators at the Prado have revealed that after removing a black background and cleaning her face up a bit, they have found a painting believed to have been painted side by side with Leonardo’s original masterpiece.  The Prado made this bold assertion citing the use of a walnut panel rather than the previously assumed oak as well as x-rays revealing similar painting progression.  It appears that their toughest critic, the Louvre, which owns the original La Giocanda concurs with the Prado’s findings bringing two of the art world’s foremost authenticating bodies into the fold, making it very difficult for anyone to dispute or overrule their findings.  The painting is believed to have been painted by one of Leonardo’s assistants in his studio, either Andrea Salai or Francesco Melzi.

The paper detailing the finding was presented during a conference in London coinciding with the  National Gallery’s blockbuster exhibition Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan and I imagine that the relatively staid members of the circle of Leonardo historians are still abuzz.

The painting will be on view to the public at the Prado during February and will be reunited in Paris with the Mona Lisa in the Louvre during the second quarter of 2012.

via the Huffington Post


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