Mona Lisa’s Bones Found?

Bullet Shih Jul, 2012 0
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The Daily Mail has reported that archeologists believed that they have unearthed the bones of Leonardo’s muse from under the floor of a convent in Florence.  Lisa Gheradini was the wife of Francesco del Giocondo a wealthy silk merchant who supposedly commissioned the painting for their new home.  Lisa became a nun at the convent after her husband died and was believed to have been buried there in 1542 after she died at age 63.  The Daily Mail writes,

An archeological team began digging at the abandoned Convent of Saint Ursula last year.

They first had to dig through thick concrete, laid down ahead of plans to turn the convent into an army barracks.

But they quickly struck gold, finding a crypt they believe to have been Lisa’s final resting place and soon after they unearthed a female-sized human skull.

The skull was found five feet under the convent’s original floor along with other fragments of human ribs and vertebrae.

Plans to continue the dig were suspended when the team ran out of funds, but they were able to resume last month.

The skeleton will be tested and the DNA will be compared to that of her children who were buried nearby.  If conclusive, the article goes on to state that scientists will use the skull to attempt to reconstruct her face which seems to be just a little bit quixotic.  I wonder what she really looked like? It appears that only a skull and a skilled forensic artist will tell.  I wonder if said forensic artist will add eyebrows?

And this week, they found a human skeleton.

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