$150,000 Dali Painting Stolen from New York Gallery in Broad Daylight

Bullet Shih Jun, 2012 0
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NBC has reported that a 1949 Salvador Dali Painting titled Cartel des Don Juan Tenorio was stolen from the Venus Over Manhattan Art Gallery located at 980 Madison at about 4:15 p.m. Tuesday.  The gallery is owned by collector and writer Adam Lindemann who opened the space about a month ago; the painting was part of the gallery’s inaugural exhibition À rebours inspired by the book by the same name written by French author JK Huysmans who writes about a protagonist, Jean Des Esseintes who shuns society and locks himself in his house to enjoy his worldly possessions cut off from the outside world.  Perhaps Des Esseintes had a point and art should remain behind closed doors.  According to NBC,

“Police sources say surveillance cameras show a man wearing a dark shirt with white polka dots enter the gallery with a black cloth bag. He is later seen on cameras leaving the gallery with the painting…”

I have seen enough Damien Hirst Spot paintings and I do know an eccentric artist who seems to enjoy wearing dark shirts with white polka dots, however The white middle aged perp does appear to be wearing a black and white checkered shirt as well as to be eating something.

Checkered or Polka Dots? You be the judge.

View more videos at: http://nbcnewyork.com.

So if you are in Papaya King and the guy next to you eating a hotdog in a checkered black and white shirt offers to sell you the Dali painting seen below, do not hesitate to call the police.

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