Dali Print Found in Thrift Store Nets $21K…For the Thrift Store

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Tacoma Thrift Store DaliThe Huffington Post has reported that a sharp eyed worker at the Tacoma Goodwill Store spied a donation that might be worth a little more that yor average tea set or old Dunlap tennis racket.  After noticing that the donated Dali print was signed and numbered, the staff put it aside and had it authenticated by Period House Gallery & Appraisal Service in Tacoma which confirmed the etching to be part of Dali’s Cycles of Life Suite numbered 126 out of a series of 150 works .  Getting the nod, the store put the print up on its action site and after fierce bidding, the print was finally sold for $21,005.  The Huffington Post writes,

The Dylan Lippert, an e-sales manager for Goodwill, explained in an e-mail to The Huffington Post that donation attendants are trained to look for higher value items, such as paintings and pieces of artwork. “Anything with a signature or paperwork attached to the back gets a second look,” he stated. A Dali expert from the Doubletake Gallery in Minnesota named Robert Varner told the The Seattle Times that the etching, part of a 150-piece series titled “Cycles of Life Suite,” had a book value of $10,000. The result of the Goodwill sale doubled that figure.

The windfall will fund 10 scholarships for people with disabilities who have difficulties working.  However, this was not the largest sale by the Tacoma Goodwill Store, nor was it its first foray into the art business.  In 2006 they sold a Frank Weston Benson watercolor for $165,002.

All’s well that ends well.

Tacoma Thrift Store Dali

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