Inexperienced Art Thieves Improperly “Fence” Stolen Picasso

Bullet Shih Jun, 2012 0
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In a bizarre recent story, it seems that a mob of young revelers broke into the mansion of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko in Novato, California and threw an impromptu party that was estimated to  include over 100 teenagers.  Pavlo Lazarenko is currently in prison after being sentenced for 9 years for money laundering in 2006 and fined $10 million.  The theft was discovered the next morning by the caretaker who confronted a few stragglers before they ran into the woods.  Although police reports do not mention what I imagine to be an inordinate amount of vodka, among the stolen items listed were $5,000 in silver candlesticks, leather coats, laptop computers, and a Pablo Picasso lithograph Femme au Chignondone done in 1957 which was believed to be worth about $30,000.  While art thieves often use a “fence” to dispose of stolen artwork which is often recognizable putting the seller at risk of being nabbed, it appears that these teens attempted to use an actual fence as the stolen Picasso was spotted by a local resident the next morning on a nearby hiking trail propped up against a fence.

Lazarenko is scheduled to be released on November 1 and while his laptops are likely obsolete, the leather jackets would have come in handy for the upcoming winter, especially since it appears that the teens may have consumed all of his booze.


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