Many More Munchs to Market?

Bullet Shih May, 2012 0
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After the hype of Edvard Munch’s $119.9 million sale of the Scream has started to die down, the BBC has reported that Kraft Foods is exploring the sale of 12 Edvard Munch wall murals that he painted for the Freia Chocolate Factory in Oslo in 1921.  The works depict everyday Norwegian holiday scenes and were originally hung in the womens canteen.  Freia was purchased in 1993 by Kraft Foods Nordic, for NOK 3 billion which was roughly equivalant to $414 million or less than the value of the four copies of the Scream.  At $34.5 million apiece, Kraft will have recouped the entire purchase price of the factory.  In hindsight, it appears that Kraft purchased some expensive artwork and a very cheap chocolate factory.

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