New Goya Painting Found!

Bullet Shih Aug, 2012 0
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A painting by Francisco de Goya of Lot and his daughters has recently been attributed to him after hanging in a Spanish collection for 80 years without the owner knowing that it had been the work of the hand of the Spanish master. Unfortunately for the owner, it was only after the painting had been sold to a foreign collector, the attribution had been made. The painting will go on sale at Koller Auctions in Zurich and is valued between $600 and $800 thousand.
The Telegraph writes,

Paintings by Goya are rare, with fewer than 10 on the auction market in the past 20 years, but early works such as this, which is dated in the late 1770s when the artist was in his thirties, are virtually unheard of. The painting depicts the biblical scene of Lot and his daughters, and was made at about the time Goya was designing wall hangings for the royal palaces of El Pardo and El Escorial. It was in a private collection in Bilbao until the Twenties, when it left Spain to go to the current owner’s family. The painting is of such national significance that, were it still in Spain, it would be unlikely to be granted an export licence. Goya’s religious paintings have not been as sought-after as his portraits or bull-fighting scenes, which have sold in the millions…

Most people know the first part of the story when the righteous Lot was approached by God and told to leave the sinful cities of Sodom and Gommorah with his wife and two daughters without looking back, lest they be turned into pillars of salt. Lot’s wife turned back and she instantly became NaCl while he escaped with his daughters to a cave. However the story goes on, the childless daughters worried about their family’s future then conspired to get the good Lot drunk on wine and sleep with him. On separate nights, the daughters plied Lot with drinks and soon were both pregnant. The enigmatic Goya chose to depict this portion of the tale by showing the daughters and Lot boozing it up instead of many of the traditional renderings of family dramatically fleeing the burning cities or the dramatic transmutation of his wife. The actual cave where this father daughter tryst was believed to have occurred is now located just outside the Jordanian town of Gor al-Safi located next to the Dead Sea and is known as the lowest place on Earth.

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