Perpetuating the Scam: Art Dealer Resells Fake Hirst Spot Prints

Bullet Shih Jan, 2012 0
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Edward Silver purchased $40-45,000 in fake Hirst spot prints on ebay in 2006.  After a court case in 2008, the seller, Vincent Lopreto was arrested and sent to jail for creating fraudulent certificates of authenticity; Silver was awarded $30,000.  However, Silver was recently nabbed for passing these marginalized works on to unsuspecting British and Canadian collectors, netting himself a cool $84,000.  His lawyer Vinoo P. Varghese stated, “He never knowingly sold counterfeit art” and he only received less than $2,000 of what he paid Lopreto.  The court didn’t buy it and Silver was convicted on charges of forgery and falsifying tax records.  He has been ordered to pay restitution and expected to serve 60 days in prison.



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