Picasso Reigns as King of Stolen Works

Bullet Shih Feb, 2012 0
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After the recent heist of Picasso’s Woman’s Head in Athens, The Daily Mail has presented the statistics compiled by the Art Loss Registry and found that Picasso reigns supreme as the King of stolen artworks.  By more than a two to one ratio, he has had 1147 artworks stolen, more than twice the number of Marc Chagalls at 516, and second place Nick Lawrence? at 557.  Nick Lawrence is an American artist and a dealer at the Provincetown, Massachusetts DNA Gallery who realized every artist’s worst nightmare when he returned to his studio in 2004 after a six month hiatus and found that his entire inventory had been moved or was missing.  Evidently his studio was in violation of fire codes and an effort to clear up the issue led to a $1 million snafu. The published list is as follows,

The top 10 list of artists with most works stolen:

1) Pablo Picasso – 1,147
2) Nick Lawrence – 557
3) Marc Chagall – 516
4) Karel Appel – 505
5) Salvador Dali – 505
6) Joan Miro – 478
7) David Levine – 343
7) Andy Warhol – 343
9) Rembrandt – 337
10) Peter Reinicke – 336

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