Spanish Police Bust Brokers Attempting to Sell $1.55 Million Fake Picasso

Bullet Shih Jul, 2012 0
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The Guardian has reported that Spanish police have busted four people who were attempting to sell a forged Picasso 1964 painting Buste de Jeune Garçon for $1.55 million.  They write,

The canvas, a counterfeit version of a 1964 work called Buste de Jeune Garçon (“Bust of Young Man”), was accompanied by false authenticity documents bearing the signatures of Paloma, one of the Spanish painter’s daughters, and a renowned French art expert.

Investigators sought professional advice from museum experts and determined that the real painting, which is slightly different to the offered fake, carried official certification by Maya Widmaier, the painter’s oldest surviving offspring.

Interestingly enough, another version (the real version) was put up for sale in the June 2009 Christie’s London sale as lot 32 and can be seen here on  However, it is interesting to note that the Christie’s results from that auction omit lot 32 generally meaning that the work failed to find a buyer, often due to the estimate being too high or doubts about the authenticty.

Another 1964 work by Picasso titled Buste de Jeune Garçon is currently for sale at the Opera Gallery.




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