Family Business: Russian Father and Daughter Nabbed for Selling 140 Forged Paintings

Bullet Shih Apr, 2012 0
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Original Malevich

The problem with minimalist art or Suprematist art to be more specific, is that it is easy to copy.  Russian authorities have recently nabbed a father and daughter team attempting to sell 140 forged paintings of purported to be by Malevich, Rodchenko, and Kandinsky.  The paintings were being sold for 2,5 millon rubles or approximately $85K  and they were reportedly very convincing, however these are the same authorities who mistook a street art rendition of a space invader for a bomb so their critical eye may be suspect.  The report does say that they have sold over a hundred paintings over the past year so it will be interesting to see how many have worked their way into the global art market.

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