Louis Bourgeois, Joan Mitchell…Sharon Davson???

Bullet Shih Aug, 2012 0
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Points of View courtesy of davsonart.com

A few months ago, we commented on a piece by the Economist that compared the top prices paid by male artists versus those paid for female artists which concluded that male artists fetched about 8 times the price paid for female artists.  With Louis Bourgeois holding the top spot at $10.7 million, Art Info has just pointed out that the relatively unknown Australian artist Sharon Davson is touting that she has recently sold a painting for AUD 5.2 million or $5.4 million placing her at number 6 on the adjusted list just above Bidget Riley at $5.1 million and below red hot Yayoi Kusana at $5.8 million.

Who is Sharon Davson and why would someone pay so much for one of her works?   Art Info tackles this question by contacting the buyer Andrew Duncan,

This is the question I posed to Andrew Duncan, the reported buyer of Points of View, who purchased the work through a company listed as Macquarie Trustee NZ. 

Duncan, a Queensland based property developer, is adamant that he can prove that the sale is genuine and claims that he purchased the painting because it is a good investment that he believed would retain its value. 

When asked to elaborate further on the reasoning behind his purchase, Duncan referred any further questions to his lawyer who he claimed would be releasing a statement in the following weeks providing further proof of the purchase.

Through an earlier statement released via his lawyer, Duncan said regarding the sale that: “Given the comparatively small out-put by this remarkable internationally accredited artist, and with much of Davson’s art sold before being created, it is very rare to have the opportunity to acquire such a major early painting. Macquarie Trustee NZ regards the purchase price for Points of View as an excellent buy”.

Davson’s website proudly announces this sale stating,

 Points of View was commissioned by Norman Hepburn for his then Central Coast resort in 1985 as three continuous canvases created by Davson. It has changed hands several times over the decades…

Davson said,”I am delighted about the sale of ‘Points of View’. It’s testimony to all those who have believed in my work over the past decades.

I trust it will also be of encouragement to women artists everywhere that in this 21st Century the ‘glass ceiling’ in the arts is finally being shattered. I am also elated that the sales value reflects that art doesn’t need to be confronting or shocking to be considered of high worth. It is time for works that inspire and uplift to have their ‘turn in the sun’. All the best. Thank you.”

Davson’s art is represented in public collections including in the Hikaru Memorial Museum in Takayama, Japan, the Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory in Darwin and 40 public art gallery, city or university collections. Her art is also represented in 2 Royal collections and over 60 corporate collections in Australia, the USA, Japan and New Zealand.


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