Stolen Jan Steen Recovered After 13 Years

Bullet Shih Aug, 2012 0
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The DutchNews has reported that after 13 years police have nabbed three people responsible for the theft of seven paintings from an elderly woman in Bilthoven, near Utrecht stolen in 1999.  Of the seven paintings stolen, five were recovered including the painting Anthony and Cleopatra by Jan Steen painted in 1677.  The accomplices which included two persons from the Netherlands and one in Germany had hoped that after the passage of time, it was finally safe to put the paintings on the market.  Unfortunately for the perpetrators, a member of Christie’s was able to match the paintings to a database of stolen works after the trio submitted them for auction in January and promptly contacted the police.

The DutchNews states,

The paintings were taken from a private house in 1999, where an 84-year-old woman lived alone. She had left the door unlocked because she was expecting visitors.

At the time of the theft, the works of art were valued at a combined three million guilders. Two paintings stolen at the same time are still missing.

Unfortunately, the woman has since passed away and will not be reunited with her lost paintings.

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