Update: $2 Million in Paintings Stolen From South African Museum

Bullet Shih Nov, 2012 0
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Street Scene by George Sekoto

Street Scene by George Sekoto

Last week we reported news of a brazen art theft from the Pretoria Art Museum in South Africa where five paintings were stolen at gunpoint. The Huffington Post has reported that due to a tip, police have recovered four of the five stolen paintings in a cemetary in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth 700 miles from Johannesburg.  The Huffington Post writes,

A brigadier with the SAPS told Fox News that the paintings, deemed to be the originals, were stashed near a wall studded in plaques naming the dead.

The recovered works are reportedly not damaged, though they were removed from their frames.

“When [the police] arrived, they found the paintings behind the church under a garden bench, covered with just a blanket,” De Necker said by phone. “We’re not a hundred percent sure what happened, but there’s a huge harbor in Port Elizabeth. It seems as if the paintings were left there for somebody else to collect, and to skip the country with.”

The painting that remains missing is Street Scene by Gerard Sekoto seen below.

Street Scene by George Sekoto

Street Scene by George Sekoto


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