Øre Wise, Krone Foolish: Valuable Rembrandt Lost in the Mail

Bullet Shih Aug, 2012 0
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Rembrandt’s etching of Lieven Willemsz van Coppenol, Writing-Master, made around 1658. Photograph: Christie’s

The Guardian has reported that the a Norwegian gallery, the Soli Brug Gallery in Greaaker located south of Oslo has lost a  350 year old Rembrandt etching worth $8600 in the mail.  The work was purchased from a British dealer and rather than pay for insurance and a courier which the gallery deemed too expensive, they opted to receive the work via post.  The package appeared to make it to Norway, however after the gallery received a notice that the Rembrandt was at the post office, upon visiting the work was no where to be found.  A spokesperson for the Norwegian Postal Service, Hilde Ebeltoft-Skaugrud stated,

“We are sorry that this has happened; we have advised him to use a more appropriate form of mail when sending items that are worth as much as this with the appropriate insurance connected,”

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