Van Gogh Museum Acquires Pollard Willow Watercolor

Bullet Shih May, 2012 0
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The Washington Post has reported that the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has acquire the watercolor Pollard Willow earlier this year at an auction in London for €1.5 million ($1.9 million). This is the first aquisition by the museum in five years and fills a gap in the collection.

Van Gogh Pollard Willow wtercolor

The painting was done in July of 1882 near the Hague and is referenced in a letter and sketch that he sent to his brother Theo.  In his letter to Theo dated July 26, 1882 Vincent writes,

I saw a dead pollard willow there, just the thing for Barye, for example. It hung over a pond with reeds, all alone and melancholy, and its bark was scaled and mossy, as it were, and spotted and marbled in various tones — something like the skin of a snake, greenish, yellowish, mostly dull black. With white flaking spots and stumpy branches. I’m going to attack it tomorrow morning.

Van Gogh Pollard Willow Sketch

Van Gogh Pollard Willow Sketch

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