Warhol Purchased for $5 … Worth $5

Bullet Shih May, 2012 0
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15 Minutes of Fame!

About two months ago, we had a report about the Englishman Andy Fields who purchased a drawing at a garage sale in Las Vegas that was believed to be done by Andy Warhol when he was ten years old.  The work was valued at $2,000,000 and the story involving a drug addled  descendant of a onetime Warhol nanny gave the claim a certain amount of credibility.  Unfortunately, a recent report by The Atlantic now has thrown cold water on the whole story with a claim by none other than Warhol’s brother, Paul Warhola stating that the painting is a fake as his brother never did such a painting.  Warhola is quoted via email stating,

It had no characteristics of his drawing style whatsoever and the signature was vastly unlike his real signature. It doesn’t even come close to being like Warhol’s early work.

I think there is a quote by a famous artist about something like 15 minutes of fame…

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